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Mystery Money Man is a personal finance community for families. We believe that anyone can improve their financial situation by choosing to live differently. Too many people accept society’s norms when it comes to lifestyle and money, and become trapped in an endless pursuit of acquiring more stuff. Thankfully, we’ve figured out a better way. We’ll show you how to break the cycle by learning how to be frugal, increase your income and eliminate your debt. Make today your turning point. Welcome to Mystery Money Man.


are extended warranties worth it?

ARE EXTENDED WARRANTIES WORTH IT? I remember shopping for a digital camera at Best Buy several years ago. This was back in the day when people still bought digital cameras.  A salesperson explained to me the features and benefits of two comparable models. In doing so, he pointed out the superior quality of one of the cameras. READ MORE>>>

personal business card

HOW I ACCOMPLISHED A ROCK N’ ROLL DREAM…(hint) I didn’t do it alone!  July 2016.  The sun, almost directly overhead, was beating down hard.  I could feel the sweat on my forehead, and I had yet to hit the stage. My dark jeans and black button-down shirt didn’t help. I stood backstage with the others, in the “green room”, if you could call it that. READ MORE>>>

start your own online business

BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT! Hey everyone!  As promised, I have an announcement for you today!  But before I get to it, let me say this:  If you belong to one of the following 3 groups, this is for you!  READ MORE>>>

Lazy November

IF FRUGALITY WAS A MUSCLE GROUP, I’D BE AHNOLD I’m flexing my frugality muscle this month, and it’s got me feeling pretty pumped!  In fact, I think it’s starting to go to my head. For the uninitiated, I decided to kick off 2018 with a no-spend month.  For the second straight year, I’m not spending a dime on non-essential items during the month of January.  I’ve titled it my Month of Zero.  READ MORE>>>

your most important task

YOUR MOST IMPORTANT TASK PROBABLY ISN’T I recently announced my plan to leave my 9-5 career within three years, in short by converting location independent side hustles into full time entrepreneurship. January 2021. Last week, the clock started running. It’s funny what happens when you set a goal, give it a deadline, and proceed to share it with the world. READ MORE>>>

a month of zero

A MONTH OF ZERO – MY 2ND ANNUAL NO-SPEND JANUARY  Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do.  In the fall of 2016, I wrote a post about a budgeting trick I came up with a few years previous, as a means of disciplining myself to break the paycheque-to-paycheque cycle.  I named it the ‘5-day freeze’.  READ MORE>>>