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tools for success

INVEST IN THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL  When I was a kid, about once a month, my brother and I would walk to get our hair cut after school.  Our hairdresser’s name was Sherri, and together with her business partner, they owned a small salon on the main street.  Next door to the salon was a long standing ice cream shoppe, and next to that was the river which ran through our town. READ MORE>>> 

Exponential Frugality

EXPONENTIAL FRUGALITY: UNCOVERING THE TRUE POTENTIAL OF FRUGAL LIVING Hey everyone!  Today, I’m introducing a term that I’ve coined ‘Exponential Frugality’.  My goal is to stretch your thinking on the value of frugal living. It’s a shift of mindset that has benefitted me, so I hope you find it helpful, or at the very least, thought provoking.  Enjoy!  You may or may not consider yourself a fugal person.  After all… READ MORE>>>


HOW I OVERCAME A SERIOUS CASE OF FINCON FOMO I have a confession to make. This past week, I came down with a MAJOR case of FINCON FOMO. That’s right. This debilitating condition had me in it’s clutches for a few days, until I finally managed to wriggle myself from its grasp. Now, I realize that some of you are unfamiliar with both of these acronyms. “What the h&%$ is a FINCON? FOMO? Sounds like one crazy illness!” READ MORE>>>

affordable winter tires

HOW I SAVED OVER $600 ON WINTER TIRES  Winter is on my brain this week, thanks to a major frugal win! Before I fill you in on all the money saving goodness, let’s address the years coldest season!  I know what you’re probably thinking; it’s far too early to be mentioning snow and cold!  READ MORE>>>

improve the reader experience

WHAT I’M DOING TO IMPROVE THE READER EXPERIENCE The past couple of weeks, I’ve begun to make a number of small changes to this blog.  My goal in all of this is simple:  to improve the reader experience for anyone visiting Mystery Money Man. This is, of course… READ MORE>>>


Hey everyone! For today’s post, I’ve decided to share my side hustle map, which is a list of projects I’m currently working on, including this blog! I’ve provided insight into each side hustle, including how much income they are currently earning. More importantly, I share my key learnings, which you can take away as you work on your own side hustles. I hope you find it helpful! READ MORE>>>